Addicted to Green

by Mark
(Chicago, U.S.)

What’s a green smoothie without a banana? Sounds random huh? Well it is not. My name is Mark and I am addicted to green smoothies and bananas. More green smoothies than bananas, but for best tasting results I always add a banana. When I was five my aunt Jeanne prepared me my first green smoothie and today I am what you can call an addict.

Drinking a green smoothie is something addictive and delicious by all means. I love to drink green smoothies in the morning, afternoon or night time. I always believed you fall in love with strange things in life and cannot explain why. My addiction to green smoothies is something that rather worries me as I know one day I will question myself for the weird choice of drink but today it is my preference.

I have found myself drinking green smoothies outside of St. Patrick’s day and for no reason at all. I make green smoothies from kiwis, guavas and sometimes a half a bucket of food coloring if necessary. It does not matter what the smoothie tastes like as long as it is green. It is a weird occurrence but I cannot help and drink it.

I believe the reason why I am so addicted is not the taste or the idea but the color as it registers in my head and creates a feeling of fullness and satisfaction. Green is my favorite color and green smoothies are my favorite drink. Green in a drink is an automatic plus, even when I go places like Smoothie Kind I choose to drink their signature drink the Hulk because it has a hint of green which automatically makes it so much more appealing to my taste. Keep it green guys and make sure to try out a green smoothie.

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