Acai Berries

by Ali
(Mumbai, India)

Acai berry is one type of fruit which is a small round shape and black purplish in color. In the last few years acai berry has been talked about a lot. Acai berries keep you active and won't leave you feeling sleepy or tired. Lots of doctors also recommend this fruit as a superfood.

Acai berries are more useful to men. They have lots of antioxidants that are beneficial for men. Acai berry can be used to help men lose weight. It is more difficult for men to lose weight than women. Some men use this as an element of their muscle building, they also use it to increase metabolism and treat health conditions that they are suffering from. It prevents men to get quick age. It also helps men to colon cleanse. It is used to treat prostate conditions. Having mass fiber it is used as a digestive processor. It also prevents the illness such as cancer, diabetes and heart problems. Acai berry is used a lot for a good treatment.

Acai berry is like a berry which grows on a palm tree. These fruits are found in Amazon's rain forest. They are also high in omega fatty acids, amino acids and many more. The acai content of oleic acid consists of 56.2% of total fats, linoleic acid consist of 12.5%, palmitic acid consist of 24.1%.

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Nov 04, 2015
Acai berries NEW
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Oct 30, 2015
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Sep 17, 2015
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Acai berries is really awesome and healthful for me. This berries is very important for human life. I really like it.
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Sep 04, 2015
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by: James

Acai berries is my favorite fruit. I really like this fruit. This fruit is really healthy and tasteful.
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Sep 04, 2015
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by: Anonymous

Guys this is really very great information for men. They have lots of antioxidants that are beneficial for men. Acai berry can be used to help people lose weight. It is more difficult for men to lose weight than women.
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Aug 28, 2015
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by: John

Acai berries my favorite. Acai berries most important for men. This is very healthful for men. Acai berries used to lose weight and more benefits. Great info...
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Aug 28, 2015
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Jul 28, 2015
Acai Berries NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been reading up on the acai berry at essay writing help company. The acai berry's normal blend of cancer prevention agents, crucial unsaturated fats, phytosterols, and amino acids cooperate to asset your body and improve it work. Your body will prepare nourishment all the more effortlessly and smolder fat all the more effectively. The acai berry has around twenty times the cell reinforcements of red grapes. It is a magnificent protein, and has a lot of dietary fiber. The facts contained in the acai berry are solid omega fats. The acai berry is stacked with amino acids, which muscles need to work appropriately and advantage from activity. These amino acids consolidated with unsaturated fats permit the body to blaze fat all the more viably and help condition your muscles.

Jun 08, 2012
Sleepy NEW
by: Anonymous

I started taking pure acai berry about 2 weeks ago I noticed it was getting harder and harder to continue doing my regular exercises feeling tired all the times and needing to sleep several times duaring the day, my wife started taking them a few days after me and was so tired and lacking energy she needed time off work...

Mar 10, 2011
Natural Acai Berry for your health and vitality
by: Angel

UHN news & health reporter states;
"Acai Berry may well be the most nutritious and health promoting food on the planet. From all reports, this berry is here to stay, and is actively cementing a firm position within the health and wellbeing industry."
She further says "Acai Berry is a food that virtually everyone can benefit by taking - I know what I will be buying later..."

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