Acai Berries

by Josh
(Warrensburg, USA)

I started taking superfoods in college. I was in a nutrition class where we were talking about superfoods and their benefits on the human body. We had a snack day where we had to make something with one of the superfoods. Mine was acai berry.

I made an acai berry smoothie and it was just delicious which got me hooked on it. I found it very easy to start because of the fact that I thought it tasted good.

After about 2 weeks of eating acai berries I noticed that I had more energy and less cravings for food. I currently drink an acai berry smoothie roughly 3 or 4 times a week and take acai pills every day. I usually take them in the morning before going to work as this seems to give me the best results and it’s also the easiest time to take them.

When it comes to taste the pills have none and the smoothie is basically like any other smoothie I ever had with a sweet yet hint of tart taste.

My acai berry smoothie recipe is 2 ounces of plain non fat yogurt, 4 ounces of skim milk and a handful of acai berries. Blend and sip. My friends will drink one if I make them one and my mother drinks them often after I got her to try them. I hope this helps you.

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