80% After Two Week Warm-Up

by Stacy
(Perth, Australia)

For the past eighteen months I have attempted to increase my consumption of raw foods to at least eighty percent of my diet. At first, I tried simply to consume two servings of raw fruit at breakfast and one each after lunch and dinner, plus one each twice a day as a snack. I included a raw vegetable salad consisting of no less than four different colored vegetables at lunch.

Within two weeks I felt less bloated, had lost weight, and was sleeping better and experiencing a somewhat improved digestive system.

Then, after merely two weeks, I increased my raw food consumption dramatically. At least eighty percent of all that I ate must consist of raw foods, with no animal products. I continued with eating six fruits a day, and added a requirement of a salad with at least six different and differently colored vegetables at lunch and dinner. I washed every vegetable and fruit thoroughly, scrubbed hard fruits, and bought organic produce as much as possible. I then added eating nuts and seeds, one serving or more at each meal. I ground up nuts to make nut butters, and scooped them as a dip with apples or celery. These made excellent and highly portable snacks!

Because of the two week head start, this increased amount of raw food did not upset my digestive system. On the contrary, I found that I was not at all bloated, and food was passing fairly quickly through my system. My energy levels greatly increased after four weeks on this diet, so that I was able to more than double my walking distance and increase my speed noticeably. My hair and skin were more clear, my eyes brighter and for the first time in my life, no redness! I slept far better, was only hungry right before meal time as appropriate, and felt far more energetic than I had in a very long time.

To my astonishment, my food budget and weight both went down, with little effort. I was spending far less money on much higher quality fresh, raw food, and felt great.This type of eating is something I plan on continuing all my life.

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