60% now, aiming for 75%

by Kay
(Melbourne, Australia)

I began my raw food journey at the start of the New Year in an effort to become healthier and to stop eating so much processed, fattening food. At this moment, 60% of my daily caloric intake is raw food, although I am hoping to get this number up to about 75%. I usually have something cooked for breakfast, like oatmeal or eggs, with raw fruits and veggies on the side. My first snack of the day varies, but I am trying to make every snack raw food. Lunch is completely raw and most days so is dinner (this will vary depending on what sort of snack I have had throughout the day in an effort to maintain a similar percentage everyday.

At the moment, I am satisfied with the amount of raw food I am eating. It's certainly been a change from what I was eating before which was extremely unhealthy and very bad for my diet. As mentioned before, though, I am hoping to get my diet to a point where 75% of what I eat is raw food. I think this will help to flush any remaining toxins out of my system and return my health to a much better place.

Since changing to a raw food diet, my skin has gotten noticeably healthier. A lot of my acne has cleared up and it has a brighter, fresher tone to it. I also feel a lot lighter and I notice that I have lost about 15 pounds since switching to raw food. I think the raw food diet has also helped my immune system. Now that I am getting vitamins and nutrients directly from the source rather than cooking most of the benefits out of the food, I feel I will have less of a chance of getting sick during flu season.

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