50% and Already More Energy

by Amy
(Knoxville, USA)

I try to get at least 50% of my diet from raw foods. I find this is easiest when I include my raw foods, such as fruits in the mornings, with cooked foods like eggs. I try to match the amount of raw foods with the amount of cooked foods in each meal, usually tipping the percentage in favor of the raw foods. For example, for lunch I might have a piece of baked fish accompanied by a large salad full of raw carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, onions, and raisins. I do not care for salad dressing, so I save many calories in my abstinence.

In general, I am happy with the amount of raw food I eat, but I know I can do better. Variety is the key to keeping interest in any diet. Raw foods need to be changed up as much as cooked ones to keep me on track.

One thing that has kept my interest in eating more raw foods is the amount of energy I find I have now. When I started incorporating raw foods into each meal only two months ago, I noticed that during the afternoons I did not experience the slump in energy that I usually had. I also feel less on edge when hurrying or being very busy at work.

Raw foods have definitely been an improvement in my general health. I am glad I am including them in my daily diet.

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