4 Weeks to 100% Raw

by Lizzy S
(Bay Area, California)

My Healthy Eating Challenge Goal is to be 100% raw after 4 weeks of phasing into it. (If I feel ready to be 100% raw before 4 weeks, then more power to it!)
My plan:
Week 1: eliminate alcohol & sugar
+ one raw meal a day

Week 2: eliminate wheat & dairy products
+ 2 raw meals a day

Week 3: Be eating vegan, gluten free
+3 raw meals a day

Week 4: 100% raw

Rawk on!

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Dec 26, 2010
by: Trina (GrowingRaw)

Lizzy, that's awesome, and what great timing! You can use the momentum of the new year to inspire you through any rough patches.

Seeings your first week is about ditching alcohol you may be interested in this page on alcohol detox at home.

Your plan sounds so sensible, with gradual filtering out of non-raw elements from your diet. Your body's detox onto raw foods should be more manageable with your 4 week schedule.

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