30 Days Raw Food Weight Loss Jumpstart

by Hal
(New York, USA)

I found out about raw foods by accident. I was skimming through youtube and found a channel that dealt with raw food exclusively. It peaked my interest and I continued to research raw food.

It was several months before I decided to embark on my own raw food journey. I bought a series of books and watched numerous youtube videos before I decided to try a 30 day 100% raw food diet, just to see if I could succeed.

A few months ago, I started and lost 10 lbs in the first two weeks! It was amazing. I wasn’t hungry and did not feel as deprived as I thought that I would.

I believe that the weight fell off so quickly because the raw food diet consists of the best foods to lose weight: fruits and vegetables. It automatically allows you to get more water and nutrition in your diet, and with the fiber you don’t feel as hungry.

Through my research, many people said that they experienced detox symptoms, but I didn’t, but maybe I wasn’t 100% raw long enough. However, I think that by not eating my “trigger foods” on a regular basis, it allowed me to control my diet more easily and make healthy food choices. And I decided that if I can be raw and vegan for a length of time, then I can definitely make healthy lifestyle choices for life.

I am still in the process of losing weight, and working on keeping a primarily raw diet, but I do add in cooked foods such as rice and some sauteed vegetables. Right now, I would say that I am about 50% raw, but I am working my way up to being about 80%, but doing it for thirty days definitely helped to jump start my healthy lifestyle.

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