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New Year, New Habits

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and are now looking forward and feeling inspired about twenty eleven!

What a great time to start a healthy eating plan and set your pattern for the year. Start as you mean to go on by boosting your energy levels, balancing on a healthy weight and improving your health by making healthy food choices. I’m stepping up to the plate myself by upping my raw food levels back to a consistent 80%. I just feel like there’s more of me when I’m successfully eating raw and I want to get back there.

Striding in the direction of better health has so many life-enriching outcomes; more inspiration and motivation for new creative projects, time and strength for getting lingering projects finished, more reserves of playfulness and patience for my children and more love and energy for the world. I know that my mental state benefits too because I seem to see things more clearly and find solutions to problems that have been puzzling me. (I can even do Sudokus faster!)

I’m not the only one using the New Year as a jump off point for renewed self-development. I’ve been happy to see a New Year gang planning to start Veg Up together on January 1st. I’d like to wish them well and ask the rest of you to either:

  • Join them and get started on a fresh new you!

  • Check into the Veg Up forums Veg Up forums throughout January and offer your support, encouragement and advice.

Natural Detox Workbook

As an encouraging New Year present from me to you, I’ve bundled my new Natural Detox Workbook up with Veg Up for the month. This will help you clear your system of the last residues of Christmas before you set off on your Veg Up journey.

For those of you who do feel like you overindulged during Christmas and are now looking for the best detoxification product, look no further than your own body. Scientists are sceptical about the detox industry, they consider all those pills and potions a scam... given the chance, your body can do it all naturally. The new Natural Detox Workbook is a guide to four short detox routines lasting from 1 to 3 days. You can learn how to detoxify your body naturally simply through healthy eating. I’ve set the initial price of the Natural Detox Workbook at a $7 bargain but it’s completely free for anyone getting on board with Veg Up.

Once again, wising all of you the best health for 2011. Don't forget that I'm still offering free consults to anyone interested in personalised healthy eating advice.


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