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May 2010

I've been doing some extra legwork this month for those of you that are interested in losing weight. I know the Northern hemisphere's Summer is coming up, so many of you will be starting to think about getting into shape.

My recommendation is don't panic diet! The best weight loss plan is to eat healthy and lose weight.

Key research from the National Weight Control Registry indicates that the 20% of dieters who successfully maintain weight loss for more than a year have something in common. Successful dieters:

  • engage in high levels of physical activity
  • eat a diet low in calories and fat
  • eat breakfast
  • self-monitor their weight on a regular basis
  • maintain a consistent eating pattern over the different days of the week
  • catch slight weight gains early before they turn into larger regains.

There's also been a rush of motivating success stories from Growing Raw visitors about healthy eating and losing weight. It's been encouraging to read how people changed their eating habits so they would lose weight and keep it off. Omel was especially successful because he increased the amount of raw food in his diet. Joan chose a healthy eating strategy that made her feel satisfied and resulted in gradual weight loss. You can add your own story about following a healthy diet to lose weight here.

Healthy Eating Habits Survey

Thanks to more than a hundred people who responded to my short survey about which healthy eating habit you'd most like to work on. You surprised me! More than 50% of people said they'd like to make sure they're really eating the recommended 5 servings of vegetables in their daily diet. I guess when you stop and count up it's easy to come up short. Eating 5 different vegetables does not equal 5 servings of vegetables.

So, seeings you asked for it, you'll get it. I'm busily working on a e-book that will hold your hand and keep you motivated as you get in the habit of vegging up. Of course all you lovely More Growing Raw subscribers will get the earlybird offer, so please watch out for that next month.

In the meantime, here's some info on how to get a raw vegetable diet boost. Also, late one night I knocked out this page on the best vegetables to eat. People are getting pretty serious about their favourite vegetables! I really like so many veggies, but for sure I'm going to decide on my own favourite soon and add my opinion up there. What's your favourite veggie? (Bet you never even thought about it...)

Please feel free to contact me or email me at if you have any feedback, questions, comments or requests.

Wishing you the very best health,

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