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Newsletter May 2011

Dear Friends of Growing Raw,

Hey, it's Growing Raw's birthday! Yep, she's a toddler now... it's been two years of late nights, early mornings and the occasional html tantrum!

To celebrate, I wanted to make something nice for YOU! Without the encouragement and feedback I've received from all of you I don't think I could have kept up the effort. So please help yourself to a slice of the birthday cake by downloading a copy of this free e-book.


New Articles on Growing Raw

In the meantime, this article on organic gardening pest control is for all of you northern gardeners who are starting to feel your green thumbs tingling.

Coming out of Winter you might like to try some of these tips on how to detoxify your colon. Once you're feeling pure again you can work on setting your raw food health goals for the season.

Most of us have struggled in our relationship with food at some time or other, so here is a gentle article on how to stop emotional eating.

Tonight has been another one of those late nights, so I will wish you all well until next month, and send myself to bed!


p.s. If you like the free 7x7 e-book then please feel free to pass it along to your friends. I'm feeling like it's time to spread the word that Growing Raw is around to give people ideas and inspiration as they journey towards better health. Please help by letting your friends know about this website. Thanks!

User Reviews of
Starwest Botanicals

My selection of herbs and spices were delivered quickly and were of the best quality I have seen. Great service, fantastic products. Fresh organic herbs from a supplier I trust. - Susan S.

Overall, it was a very positive experience.... they treated me in an exemplary manner when I first ordered from them. I got exactly the product I needed/ordered/expected vis-a-vis the sprouting wheatgrass seeds. I would certainly order from them again for anything that specific. - geo442