Growing Raw Health Newsletter

January 2010

Kick your year off with healthy intentions and join the Superfood Challenge.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your holiday season, unwinding from a busy year and having some good times with your family.

Perhaps, like me, you’ve also indulged in some festive cheer! It’s time to re-charge the batteries for the year ahead. Perfect timing for a Superfood Challenge....

New Year Superfood Challenge

Over the next 30 days join the Superfood Challenge. Select a superfood and take a daily dose for a month, reporting back on its effects, how you’re integrating it with your diet, and any side-effects or benefits. It could be a steady course of an old superfood favourite that you already know works really well for you. Or you may experiment with a superfood you’ve never tried before. There’s power booster spirulina, maca the mood balancer maca, chia the strengthener and more to choose from.

I’m taking the opportunity to crack open a jar of bee pollen I’ve had in the cupboard since September. I’m particularly hoping that its reputed mood-lifting and energising properties will work for me. I’m also curious to try bee pollen for myself. Many people claim miraculous effects from bee pollen, scientists can’t find anything superfood-ish about it to support those claims. I’m going to find out!

November 2009’s 30 Day Health Challenge

The November High Raw Food Diet Health Challenge worked a treat – my raw food habits are well and truly re-established. It feels very comfortable to be eating green smoothies and fruit for breakfast, and a huge vegetable salad for either lunch or dinner. I’ve been very happy with the way writing up my efforts as an online health challenge helped me stay focused and on track. Knowing you were all following along certainly motivated me to pick myself up and keep going whenever I slipped up, so thanks!

Several others got into the health challenge online, and many more people told me they had set their own challenges offline. From quitting chocolate for a month (way to go Em!) to eating a salad every day, people have really enjoyed their challenges. The most popular health challenge was starting green smoothie habits, and people seemed to find that a surprisingly easy habit to maintain over the holiday season.

More on Home Herbal Remedies

For those of you with an interest in growing or using herbs, Raymonde has contributed several more articles describing the medicinal applications of some common herbs. It’s surprisingly easy to learn how to make a tea or infusion, a decoction, a tincture or a poultice.

I’ve added lemon balm and sage to my garden since reading up on Raymonde’s excellent articles, and already reaped the benefits. A homemade sage tea has helped me settle a stomach upset quickly whilst freshly made lemon balm tea has been helping me sleep well through the night. Several more simple remedies for common health complaints are described in this online herbal remedies advice. Check it out.

Wishing you the very best health and looking forward to seeing you on the Superfood Challenge!


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