High Raw Food Diet Challenge - Day 1

by Trina
(Growing Raw Health)

I am in the process of positive change

It was a sunny day today, which made beginning a high raw diet easier.

Before I slept last night I shuffled through some old affirmation cards and found myself the affirmation above. Affirmations and inspirational quotes can be a fun way to keep yourself on track. They're a useful reminder of your goals. It can be hard to start eating a high raw diet, but I found this morning easy when I kept this affirmation in mind. I'm planning to choose one each night to sleep on for the following day.

The other way I made it a little easier for myself this morning was I had about a litre of green smoothie already made up in the fridge and ready to go. After a large glass of the kale, apricot, spirulina and banana mix I started to power up. I added a teaspoon of cacao to the rest, seeings as I'm attempting to give up my coffee habit too. (Did you know apples are better for perking you up anyway?) For breakfast I chopped up 2 apples, a pear and a kiwifruit - easy.

Lunch was a chunky vegetable salad of broccoli, red capsicum, purple cabbage, baby spinach, carrot, avocado and lemon juice, along with the rest of the kale smoothie. For an afternoon snack I ate some brazil nuts and an avocado with chilli sauce. Dinner was a spinach and sunflower seed salad with garlic dressing, a slice of multigrain bread and a chickpea veggie-burger.

Although the day had started off well, things started going pear-shaped around midday. I'd forgotten about having to eat more when eating high raw in order to keep up my energy levels. I felt calm, but very tired. I ended up going to bed early.

Often when people feel urged to take better control of their health it's because messages are accumulating from the universe. Then there's a final trigger that gets you really moving; a health scare, a change of season or even the thought of the summer bikini. For me the trigger was a bout of disgusting motion sickness on top of a dragging cold. I haven't felt so unwell since I was pregnant, but I couldn't help thinking I kind of deserved it. I've been making increasingly poor food choices over Winter, and it's all caught up with me. I'm sure I'll have to endure a week or so of detoxification before raw food health kicks in again.

A side-effect mentioned by many raw foodists is that purifying your body with a raw food diet will fine-tune your sensitivity. When you're removed from the security and complacency of your food coma, you may realise that your life requires some significant changes.

Ratings for Day 1

Attitude: 5/10

Energy: 6/10

Raw calories: 82% of approx. 1800 calories

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High Raw Food Diet Challenge - Day 1

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Oct 31, 2009
by: monty

well done and good luck for your challenge!

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