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Newsletter December 2011

Dear Friends of Growing Raw,

Your lively and varied responses to the Growing Raw survey gave me plenty of food for thought. The wishlist of needs and wants was extensive and I will be gradually working my way through your requests.

First cab off the rank is this article on ways to make salads entice the eye as well as the stomach. Many of you wanted to know how to make healthy meals look more appetising. Appealing to the appetite of every sense is important and good food presentation can definitely enhance a meal. I’ve been working on this myself lately so I figured I would tackle it first.

My latest discovery, a raw recipe book called Everyday Raw Express , is inspiring me strongly in this. Not only does the food look great, it tastes gourmet and is easy to prepare. I’ve tried 16 recipes in less than two weeks, and each one has taken me less than thirty minutes to make. Not only is Raw Food Express helping me stay on the high raw bandwagon, it’s empowered me to put on a couple of impressive and stress-free raw dinner parties. Check it out , highly recommended.

Over the next few months I want to encourage more guest posts at Growing Raw. This is partly as I’ll need to call in some expertise to address the topics on your wishlist! I’m also keen to hear from more people about their raw food journeys. Growing Raw has recently hit PR4 status, so the link juice from guest posts will be useful to any of you who have your own website. If you’re interested in guest posting, please take a look at the guidelines and topics of interest.

The weekly juicing project is buzzing ahead over at You're all welcome! Getting a juicing habit going may fit in nicely with your 2012 resolutions.

Til next month, wishing you all the best in health...


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My selection of herbs and spices were delivered quickly and were of the best quality I have seen. Great service, fantastic products. Fresh organic herbs from a supplier I trust. - Susan S.

Overall, it was a very positive experience.... they treated me in an exemplary manner when I first ordered from them. I got exactly the product I needed/ordered/expected vis-a-vis the sprouting wheatgrass seeds. I would certainly order from them again for anything that specific. - geo442