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Newsletter April 2011

Dear Friends of Growing Raw,

A question from a good friend of mine prompted some serious research into the nutritional adequacy of my diet this month. She asked me how I made sure I was getting enough protein.

My flippant answer was that there's protein in every food, so I was sure I was getting enough. My friend questioned me further about what I was actually eating, and then assured me that I was NOT eating enough complementary proteins.

If, like me, you eat a predominantly vegetarian or vegan diet then you may also need to look into this. Read up this information on protein in foods then check out some of the best vegetarian foods with protein.

Realising I'd been getting it so wrong about protein made me wonder a bit more about the possible health risks of eating raw. I went looking for serious scientific studies of the raw food diet (hard to find!) and have summarised what I learnt for you here. I believe this is one of the most important pages I've ever added to Growing Raw as it not only describes the possible health risks, it also gives you the recommendations each of the studies made for addressing these risks. There are several simple steps you should take to make sure you're completely bursting with raw food health without exposing yourself to any nutritional deficiencies.

At the same time I learnt more about the most frequently experienced raw food diet benefits. There's plenty of anecdotal evidence around about the raw food diet, on blogs and so forth, but the studies I found were based on surveys of significant samples. Reading this article will show you how a raw food diet can benefit YOU!

To top it all off here's a new page on 10 of the healthiest foods you can add into your diet.

My apologies for slow responses to questions and submissions over the last week or so....

....BUT we're in blissful chaos due to a new baby in the family. My sister gave birth to an absolutely beautifully perfect baby boy last week so I've been kind of busy praising her and adoring him. Way to go Sal!

So those of you who are waiting for replies, I will be sure to get back to you before the end of the week.

If YOU have a question or story you'd love to tell, please share.

All the best until next month,


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