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Newsletter August 2011

Dear Friends of Growing Raw,

It’s all starting to happen down under as we head out from a rather nasty Winter towards a very welcome Spring. Hopefully those of you up north are enjoying an abundant Autumn harvest and getting a rich variety of fresh nutrients into your bodies.

New Articles on Growing Raw

This month I’ve added some timely hints for southerners who would like to get a small vegetable garden going this Spring. It’s fine to start small – when it comes to growing some of your own food, beginning is a vital but sometimes overwhelming step. These small garden ideas will help you on your way.

Learning how to snack healthily can actually help you lose weight, so check out these 10 healthy snacks for weight loss. It’ll be easier to get yourself through a day of dieting with a few of these healthy snack ideas to fill you up and keep your metabolism moving.

I’m continuing on my quest to learn and share more about the specific health challenges people may face when they take on healthy eating challenges. This month I’ve written articles about keeping your thyroid in balance on a raw food diet and debunked several of the myths associated with vegetarianism and health.

Last but not least, which detoxification diets are safe and healthy? If you’re keen to detox before the next cycle of the seasons, check out these detoxification diet reviews which will help you assess the best detox regime for your unique body.

A Note on Growing Raw Advertising

As regular visitors to Growing Raw, you will probably have noticed a gradual increase in the amount of advertising placed on Growing Raw. This is for the simple reason that in order to keep on working and researching for Growing Raw, I need to be remunerated for my time. The kids have got to eat, you know!

Although I haven’t received any complaints from any of you about this, I request your understanding and tolerance of the additional ads. I hope that those of you with no interest in what’s advertised are able to continue reading around them, because I’m still working on producing top quality content to help you on your journey towards greater health and energy.

There are basically two kinds of advertising on Growing Raw; Google ads and affiliate links. Whenever visitors to Growing Raw click through an affiliate link (usually placed inside a green square outline to keep them separate from content I’ve written) and makes a purchase, Growing Raw receives a small commission. The price to Growing Raw visitors is the same of course, but a small percentage of the purchase price goes towards supporting this site.

We’re not talking big bikkies here... at the moment I’m lucky if this revenue adds up to more than $150 each month! So I am still building Growing Raw for love, not money!

It’s great to be able to share a passion for growing and eating food with regular visitors, so thank you for the messages of gratitude and support you send through. That’s what really keeps Growing Raw going!

Until next month, wishing you all the best in health,


User Reviews of
Starwest Botanicals

My selection of herbs and spices were delivered quickly and were of the best quality I have seen. Great service, fantastic products. Fresh organic herbs from a supplier I trust. - Susan S.

Overall, it was a very positive experience.... they treated me in an exemplary manner when I first ordered from them. I got exactly the product I needed/ordered/expected vis-a-vis the sprouting wheatgrass seeds. I would certainly order from them again for anything that specific. - geo442